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Workflow Standardization Using Prefect

How to Harness Prefect for Optimal Workflow Orchestration

Here at APrime, we’re all about creating a robust and organized workflow that’s perfectly tailored to your team’s engineering skills and needs. In this blog post, we’ll show you how we’ve built a reusable library around Prefect to unlock the potential of efficient workflow management. The best part? It’ll save you and your team loads of time, money, and headaches. Let’s dive in!

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Our Interactive Rate Calculator: The Hourly Cost of a Software Engineer

Use our rate calculator to determine the all-in hourly costs of a full-time engineering hire. Whether you’re evaluating the budget impact of a potential new hire or considering bringing in an outside contractor — or both! — our calculator is here to help.

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Outsourcing vs. Full-Time Engineers: What’s the True Cost?

We explain how to approach the total cost for a Software Engineer, whether you are considering a full-time hire or an hourly contractor—complete with commonly missed “hidden costs” and our insights based on extensive hiring experience and industry surveys with more than 70k data points from sources like Stack Overflow and Pave.

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